Benchmarking digital presences of destinations and tourism businesses is one of the core strength of the SE1Media Team. We have developed our very own qualitative, user-centred benchmark methodology that provides a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of websites and mobile sites from every angle. Unlike quantitative benchmarks, our methodology takes the unique strategy of each website, as well as the user experience throughout all travel stages into account.

The results from our benchmark reportd will provide you with an accurate idea of where you stand in comparison to your competitors.  Our benchmarks deliver unique and strategically important insights, including:

  • State of the art in digital marketing in your field
  • Identifying leading and unique best practice examples in each category
  • Identifying the overall best in class website for each category
  • Analysing in-depth the performance of your key competitors

Our website benchmarks are based on over 50 criteria in 5 main categories. A systematic comparison and evaluation is conducted against a set of different use-case scenarios that address all stages of the travel cycle. The analysis is then carried out by our very own SE1Media experts, and results will always be cross-checked by further digital experts to ensure the realibility and validity of the findings.

Our benchmarks encompass up to 5 different areas, namely:

  • Content & multimedia
  • Inspiration & design
  • Mobile
  • Search functionality
  • Social integration

See the boxes on your right to get further information on some of the benchmarking criteria. We tailor all of our benchmarking criteria to your specific needs. Just get in touch with one of our experts to discuss the option of benchmarking your website or mobile solution against any industry competitor.

With the Digital Tourism Think Tank initiative, we have developed a comprehensive digital benchmark of 21 national tourist office websites. We also offer bespoke solutions for the tourism industry. Just get in touch with one of our friendly consultants to talk about tailored benchmarking approaches.

Content & Multimedia

The textual or visual way in which information is presented on websites constitutes an important part of the overall user experience of visitors. The benchmark evaluation takes into account a number of important criteria, including:

  • Accessibility and depth of information
  • Use of images, maps, and cutting-edge features
  • Whether information is timely, relevant and up to date


Inspiration and Design

Inspiring visitors through a well designed online presence is a challenge that every tourism organisation has to master. The capacity to inspire is closely linked with the overall design and visual appearance of the website. The benchmark evaluation takes into account a number of criteria. Amongst other, these include:

  • Use of interactive content
  • Tailored content on demand
  • Adoption of investigative features
  • Integration of user generated content
  • Provision of inspirational search tools



The mobile medium continues to change the global digital landscape. Given the growing amount of users that access information through mobile devices, a dedicated attention to the mobile presence of tourism organisations is required. The benchmark evaluation takes into account a number of important criteria, such as:

  • Scaling of information
  • Use of maps
  • Thumb friendly features
  • Consistency and control
  • Navigation
  • Content

Search Functionality

A search option is an integral part of any tourism website, as it supports users during both the inspiration as well as the detailed planning stage. In the tourism context, search functionality is therefore a key component of a positive user experience. The benchmark evaluation takes into account a number of important criteria, such as:

  • Predictive capabilities
  • Results presentation
  • Completeness
  • Search parameters

Social Media Integration

Social media integration within tourism websites has developed into a common industry standard. It helps to engage users with content and has the potential to provide more personalised experiences. In addition, it allows users to gain inspiration from peers and share their experiences with friends and other travellers. The benchmark evaluation takes into account a number of important criteria, such as:

  • Social sharing
  • Social integration
  • External UGC
  • Internal UGC
  • Key barriers
  • Personalisation



Interested in Benchmarking?

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