Let us help you with evaluating any of you online or mobile services. We can support you during and after the development process of your digital products by making sure they meet usability guidelines and provide unique customer experiences. Our  expert evaluations offer a fast and  low-cost way to get a complete thorough check-up of your mobile or online service.

Our Team has developed a unique methodology for getting the most out of expert evaluations. In essence we make use of 5 core tools and techniques:

  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Cognitive walkthroughs
  • Personas
  • Scenarios
  • Task models

How does it work?

You will be asked by one of our usability experts to provide information about the product being evaluated. This information is essential for us and comprises the basis for the future personas, scenarios and task models. The expert review is then carried out by 1-3 usability experts, who will analyse the product or service individually. Once all individual reviews are ready, the experts discuss their findings, rank the severity of the identified problems and agree about recommendations for improvement. Their findings and recommendations are then combined in a final report.

What do you get?

  • Full usability report: The full report describes in detail the process, our findings and provides practical suggestions and recommendations for all of the problems that we have identified.
  • Severity rank index: A list of all of the problems that our experts have identified, ordered based on their severity rank, or the impact that they will have on the customer experience.
  • Screen captures and recordings: All usability problems that we identify are captured by screen shots and screen recordings. This will enable you to understand better the issues from a users’ perspective.
  • Custom task models: The custom task models describe the scenarios that we have developed for the purpose of the expert evaluation, and can be used for future test and reviews.
  • Custom personas: We provide you with custom personas (archetypical target users) that we have developed and used for the purpose of the expert review.

What are the benefits?

An expert evaluation enables you to get fast, low-cost, objective and independent feedback at almost any stage of your online or mobile service development. Our findings will address thoroughly each step of your customers’ journey and provide you a deep understanding of how they experience your mobile products. You will obtain detailed and strategic recommendations on how the product or service may be improved in order to truly fulfil your business strategy.

Interested in an Expert Evaluation?

If you are interested in our exper evaluation services or have any further questions, we would be happy to talk to you.