Let us help you with auditing your brand’s digital presence. Our unique knowledge of public and private sector tourism organisations around the globe means that we can give you unique insights into  your organisation’s digital performance. We identify for you the key areas that need improvement and provide clear strategic and practical guidance on how to master these issues.

Our audits can be carried out in a number of ways, from providing a quick snapshot of a specific aspect of your brand or digital portfolio, to fully customised, holistic evaluations of all aspects of your digital performance.

Full Digital Audits

We conduct holistic audits of all your organisation’s digital presence and look in-depth at how your channels are performing online, thereby identifying which aspects are working great as well as where there is room for improvement. Our hands-on guidance and advise will give you a clear understanding all aspects that need to be mastered to optimise your digital performance.

Social Media Audits

We conduct holistic audits of your organisation’s social media activities, identifying which aspects are working really well as well as where there is room for improvement. Our social media audit will give you a comprehensive overview of how your resources are allocated and the return-on-invest they bring. Having worked extensively with DMOs around the globe, we provide you insights into industry best practice and help you to identify the right strategic opportunities and tactical quick wins.

Brand Audits

We can help you with examining your brand’s potential, by looking in-depth at brand values and scratch beneath the surface to understand how they can be developed and incorporated effectively into the digital strategy. We support you in particular with:

Identification and development of brand themes
SWOT Analysis
Competitor analysis
Market segmentation

Website Audits

We have great experience in usability testing, and analysing digital customer and visitor experiences. Our team can give you the right insights and hands-on recommendations that you need to enhance and optimise your websites performance at all stages of the visitor buying cycle. We use a range of innovative methods to help you tailoring your website to your customers’ needs.