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German National Tourist Board

The German National Tourism Board (GNTB) commissioned SE1 Media to benchmark the digital presence the destination against 21 key competitors. The benchmark adopted an innovative customer-focused methodology, especially developed for benchmarking websites within travel and tourism. The final benchmark consisted of more than 240 pages with individual ranks of competitors, more than 50 evaluation criteria, best practices, industry standards and best in class analyses.

The benchmark identified key weaknesses and strengths of competitors and helped GNTB acquire a realistic understanding of their digital presence in comparison to their key competitors. The final report included recommendations that helped GNTB justify key strategic decisions with respect to their desktop and mobile digital presence, as well as optimisation of key digital products.

In addition, SE1Media analysed and extracted the key trends on the digital landscape for 5 main markets, identified by GNTB, in order to spot the newest developments and rising trends in the digital tourism domain. The trends report highlighted the key opportunities for digital technologies in 5 of Germany’s most important source markets.

Key Outcomes

  • The focus of the benchmark and the trends report was on providing a fast, low-cost, objective and independent evaluation of GNTB’s existing digital products and how they perform against a range of competitors.
  • Executive Summary & Full Reports: Both the Trends Report and the Digital Benchmark included executive summaries, identifying the major findings, as well as more than 350 pages of individual analysis for the selected competitors and markets.
  • Brand Index: The brand index featured within the Digital Benchmark included a ranking of all evaluated products.
  • Industry Standards, Best Practices & Best in Class: The report identified what GNTB should do in order to fulfil the minimum requirements within the industry. The benchmark provided extensive best practices, while the trends report identified how these could be implemented on different markets.


April 1, 2014
German National Tourist Board