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European Travel Commission – Digital Portal

SE1Media and the Digital Tourism Think Tank are responsible for scoping, designing, implementing, monitoring and content publication on the European Travel Commission’s (ETC) Digital Portal ( This extensive annual project comprised three key stages:

Stage 1: Technical and Digital Strategy Scoping
The team worked closely with ETC to define the vision, specifications and visual identity for the Digital Portal.

Stage 2: Design and Implementation
The second stage of the project was carried out once the initial scoping concluded. In this stage, work concerned the design and visual outlook of the website. Once the visual design and mock ups were approved by the client, technical implementation began, combining testing and analysis to ensure the quality of the final product.

Stage 3: Monitoring and Content Production
The team also defined what content will be published and is currently responsible for its timely update. The Digital Portal features digital trends in several key categories, including consumer behaviour, social media, e-commerce and mobile.


May 28, 2013
European Travel Commision