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European Institute of Cultural Routes

SE1 Media undertook the ambitious task of developing a mid to long-term communications strategy for the European Institute of Cultural Routes and the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. This initiative involved a multi-part stakeholder consultation, getting intelligence and input from the routes through workshops, as well as through individual consultations. It also involved consultation with industry experts from leading cultural and tourism bodies, as well as analysis of the current state of activities.

The first stage in this process was to evaluate the current website and its structure. Following this, a full re-design of the site was scoped, looking at the content workflow as well as user and permission requirements throughout, thinking about both the public and institutional roles.

Content Audit
Working with the European Institute of Cultural Routes in Luxembourg, SE1 Media conducted a content audit and planning, in order to ensure that the migration processes was managed correctly. The design and development was a sizeable task due to the nature of re-designing the site with a completely new identity and purpose, while ensuring necessary plans were made related to content management.

Brand & Visual Identity of the EICR and Cultural Routes
Early research and consultation concluded that the branding and identity of both the routes EICR and Council of Europe required re-development. SE1 Media prepared a design brief for brand identity enhancements, guidelines and a label to be developed in 2013 in time for the digital platform re-launch.

Living Library of Cultural Routes
The Living Library of Cultural Routes was an initiative to create rich and engaging presentations of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, through involving ordinary members of the public. One video for each route was created by stitching together short clips of people talking about the routes. The content was used and shared through social media and the new digital platform in 2013.


December 20, 2012
Council of Europe