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The SE1 Media team worked closely with Cape Town Tourism (CTT) in developing their Mobile App strategy. The team was approached, in order to help CTT in scoping, designing and developing a strategy for a mobile application that would support their visitors. The project comprised three key phases:

Phase 1: Scoping and Preparation
A one hour interview was carried out with three representatives from CTT and our team. During this session we defined the key problems and challenges that CTT faces, when it comes to design and development of the mobile app. CTT was asked to identify their main competitors. As part of the preparation, our mobile user experience team conducted a preliminary benchmark analysis on the identified competitors, as well as a more detailed evaluation of available urban tourism mobile applications. This activity was directed at identifying best practices that will help CTT in scoping their mobile app.

Phase 2: Mobile Strategy and In-House Workshop
Following the interview, our analysts and mobile user experience consultant prepared a structured and bespoke framework for CTT, taking into account the specific challenges, strategic goals and constraints that the team was facing. The strategy was discussed during a half-day workshop, which took place in Cape Town. The workshop was attended by 10 representatives from Cape Town Tourism. The session was a combination of hands-on learning and training, combined with a step-by-step guide on the key considerations, tools and opportunities for CTT’s mobile app activities.

Phase 3: Executive Mobile Strategy Report
The project concluded with the preparation of a 70+ pages executive report, which described each stage of the bespoke mobile app strategy, which SE1Media developed for CTT. The report included a thorough description of each of the 8 stages of the mobile app strategy. It also provided findings related to the preliminary competitive analysis benchmark, highlighting key recommendations and opportunities for providing an overall seamless and unique mobile user experience to Cape Town visitors.


May 1, 2014
Cape Town Tourism