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The aim of this two-part digital strategy for Antwerp Tourism & Congress (AT&C) was to facilitate the effective promotion of Antwerp, through a powerful and compelling branding and by maximising the efficiency of digital channels . The team at SE1 Media worked with AT&C to identify opportunities to streamline their digital activities, map-out a journey towards digital brand excellency and prepared a digital strategy and roadmap, outlining the actions to be taken in areas such as website development, mobile, social media and digital branding. This extensive project comprised two key phases:

Phase 1: Digital Audit and Analysis
Phase 1 provided a broad and comprehensive analysis of AT&C’s destination branding, its digital infrastructure and online marketing activities.  The phase finished with a comprehensive report, comprising of a full digital brand audit, competitive positioning, and technical evaluation.

Phase 2: Re-Branding and Digital Strategy
The second phase focused on converting the analysis into a two-fold solution; a fully fledged digital strategy and Antwerp’s Digital Roadmap. The solution was completely bespoke, designed to meet AT&C’s requirements and expectations. The digital strategy outlined a brand repositioning, strategic guidance and tactical plans for all digital aspects of  AT&C, and specific guidance on the organisational  changes that are required to implement the strategy. Finally the digital roadmap outlined  strategic recommendations on the brand, the digital infrastructure, marketing actions and organisational development for the short, medium and long-term.



December 16, 2013