Our team of dedicated research analysts constantly monitors the digital landscape, in order to spot the newest developments and rising trends in digital tourism. With the fast pace of change in the travel sector, managers and key decision makers need to harness the opportunities of digital technologies in order to meet consumers’ changing demands and needs.

What we will cover

The workshop examines four key trends in the digital landscape and highlights their impact for destination marketing organisations:

    • Social media: The workshop examines in-depth the rising trends with regards to social networking, the underlying consumption patterns and tourism specific trends. It highlights the potential that leveraging the latest developments in social media offer for destination management organisations.
    • Mobile: Mobile technologies are transforming the global tourism industry fundamentally.  This workshop investigates the rising trend of mobile technologies and evaluates how it will impact on the tourism domain in general, and highlights strategic opportunities for destinations in particular.
    • Consumer behaviour: Consumer behaviour changes at a staggering pace, as digital technologies have intruded every last corner of modern life. The workshop explores the recent consumer trends, by highlighting the most disruptive changes and critical developments in consumer and search behaviour. These trends are examined under careful consideration of crucial geographic and demographic factors.
    • Industry trends and innovations: The tourism industry is known for residing at the cutting edge of technology adoption, as digital technologies have developed into the main driving forces behind marketing and management innovations in the travel sector. The trends workshop highlights digital opportunities, including technology enhanced experiences, augmented reality,  reputation monitoring, gamification and participative consumer interaction.