Events are part of our DNA, indeed the Digital Tourism Think Tank was founded upon the highly successful Digital Tourism Innovation Campus (#DTIC), which has succeeded as the most important digital event for Europe’s tourism industry. We are are deeply passionate about the power of events for communicating leadership in a given field. In our case, we believe that by creating the tourism industry’s best innovation events, we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’re able to deliver educate and inspire thousands and connect people at a very real level. If you trust us with your ideas, we’ll turn them into something that is value-driven and tangible that will leave a legacy for the future of your industry. For us, events are so much more than just logistics. We start out by working on original creative concepts, identifying industry leaders to stand up, engage and inspire audiences before delivering knowledge, leadership and energy when people come together.

Meaningful Touchpoints As your partner in tourism, our goal is to create meaningful touchpoints where you can connect and engage with key individuals on the topics which matter the most. The relationships that we help to establish are based on our core value; thought leadership in digital. Our corporate partners are introduced at a different level to the normally commercial nature of business interactions and are able to establish long-term relationships with the industry.

Thought Leadership We work with our partners to not only create platforms but to also integrate the unique insight they can offer into the mix, positioning our partners too as thought leaders in digital.

Creating Platforms for Exchange The Digital Tourism Think Tank is a professional industry platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, best practice, thought leadership and expertise in digital. The best known of these is the Digital Tourism Innovation Campus, taking place every November in Barcelona and bringing together Marketing Directors from leading international destinations.

Alongside our flagship Campus in Barcelona, our team works year-round to create unique and memorable events, including topic focused workshops, industry debates, executive roundtables and in 2014 this will be extended to webinars too.

Promoting Digital Leadership

Industry Campus Events

Our flagship signature campus events can propel your organisation to the forefront of cutting-edge innovation and leadership in the digital sphere. Campus events stand apart from industry conferences with a guarantee to deliver and stand out as the ‘must attend’ digital event of the year for your industry. We are famously known for #DTIC, our global gathering for DMOs on digital, but we also take the concept around the world, delivering two-day interactive gatherings for tourism industries across Europe and the Middle East.

The format of our Campus Events is simple, yet successful. Two days of case-study driven speakers sharing their insights and experiences with others, mixed with industry expert keynote talks and leading digital players sharing their knowledge and passion about digital. We bring people together, support them to network and engage with speakers and each other, entertain, educate and inspire them to go back and turn ideas into actions.

Campus events are bespoke, designed and delivered as a partnership with our clients. As part of our service to you, we can deliver as little or as much as you need, from offering just content and speakers through to the whole show and the live stream too.

Industry Think-a-Thons

Think-a-Thon’s enable tourism businesses and destinations alike to start thinking about their digital activities and whether they are doing enough to remain relevant for the increasing demands of today’s visitors to stay connected and engaged at every stage in the visitor journey. ‘Think-a-Thon’s’ are a concept developed by the Digital Tourism Think Tank and are entirely unique as a concept, with simultaneous think-a-thons yet more groundbreaking.

In a normal context Think-a-Thon’s allow industry ‘challenges’ with a view to improving travel and tourism within the region and outcomes evaluated with this key objective in mind. One key ‘challenge’ is always identified beforehand by the industry based on consultation and research focused on addressing a common problem encountered by a group of stakeholders.

Roundtable discussion with notable experts then help to support and facilitate the participative ‘thinking’ taking place live as teams start work on different ideas and concepts to solve the set challenge. Activities are always supported by the SE1 Media team and participating members of each DMO or business with the end goal being to encourage a set of stakeholders to develop clear solutions to common issues.

Results are always strategically driven with practical approaches arising out of the group sessions. At the end of each Think-a-Thon, winning teams are evaluated based on a judging panel who deliberate on the best ideas. Once concluded, findings are channeled into future strategies and actions taken up by destinations and businesses.