Satisfying the growing needs of hyper-connected and tech savvy travellers through great mobile user experiences has become critical, but more challenging than it might seem. At its core, a unique and memorable mobile experience requires that we understand who our customers are and what they need.

Often, we talk about this from the podium of the conference room, ignorant of the fact that mobile content is consumed on the go. With our Walkshops, we bring our hands on learning exactly where mobile interaction unravels – outside, in the real world. A walkshop is a new kind of learning experience that combines an interactive workshop session, an urban walking tour, group discussion, and spontaneous exploration.

Our workshops can be bespoke, designed to understand that digital fabric of your destination or scheduled at any one of our Walkshop Hotspots. We have designed two types of Walkshop to help you get to grips with the key things to consider when thinking about mobile, this includes the ‘Mobile Experience Walkshop’ and the ‘Digital Natives Walkshop’.

Discover our Walkshops

Mobile Experience Walkshop

This is your opportunity to test on site how mobile products enhance tourists’ experiences. You will get a first hand experience of good and bad mobile solutions, learn about mobile context and the various strategies visitors adopt to find information and tackle challenges. A strong focus will be placed on how to make use of mobile user experience practices and guidelines in order to support and attract customers, rather than annoy and confuse them.

Through this active way of experiencing a destination, it will be much clearer to attendees of the Walkshop:

    • Common user design problems with the mobile interface
    • Usability issues unique to mobile
    • Needs of the mobile visitor
    • Content prioritisation and strategy
    • Functionality applied in context

Digital Natives Walkshop

The Digital Natives Walkshop will take a select number of participants on an interactive destination discovery, to learn how businesses can effectively engage with visitors on a social, local and mobile level. This is a unique opportunity to understand, learn and experience how actual travellers and digital natives are navigating themselves around a destination and what opportunities there are for tourism businesses and destinations.

This Walkshop in particular focused on Digital Natives as a group of travellers that are tech savvy and use a number of different digital channels and technologies when travelling and navigating around a town destination.

Attendees of the Digital Walkshop will navigate and fulfil certain tasks along different routes and stops. They will learn how visitors can be turned into ambassadors and can help strengthen the reputation and awareness of different places of interest.

Through this active way of experiencing a destination, it will be much clearer to attendees of the Walkshop:

    • Which local marketing opportunities do businesses and destinations have
    • What content and information would consumers like to find
    • How are consumers engaging on social channels
    • What influences consumer decision making
    • What digital opportunities all marketers attending could tap into