Get fully interactive and invite the SE1 Media team to run a workshop with the key stakeholders responsible for your destination’s digital strategy. By running a workshop you will be able to strengthen and develop your ideas with the benefit of an external perspective allowing you to refine or challenge your existing activities or future plans.

Our signature workshop approach invites you to look at your activities from the view of the Changing Visitor Cycle, where our market, consumer and industry insight lends itself to thrashing out ideas and considering the impact of future trends. Workshops are fully participative, offering a creative and strategic environment where your own strategy can be discussed in detail.

The Digital Strategy Workshop

Here's what we'll cover...

Whether as a standalone workshop or part of developing your digital strategy, we\\\’ll help you to think strategically about your digital strategy. Gathering all of your creative ideas, vision and strategic goals, map-out priorities and opportunities into a holistic inter-connected strategic plan tackling every stage of the visitor cycle and every platform relevant to your visitors.

The Workshop in Short…

The Digital Brand: Creative Storming Session

    • Your digital brand
    • Brand differentiation
    • Content opportunities
    • Influencers and ambassadors

The Digital Roadmap: Practical Solutions Session

    • Setting bite-sized wins
    • Long-term strategic goals
    • Strategic shifts and milestones
    • Measurement & performance

The Digital Brand

The digital visitor landscape presents a dizzying maze of routes and channels through which your visitors ultimately decide on which dream they eventually book. With infinite choice, variety, experiences, climates and budgets, the ability to compete effectively requires you to go beyond your differentiating factors to create brand equity built around something greater than your product alone.

With your team, we will help you to grasp the real value of your destination\’s brand to develop your true digital composition; as a myriad of unique selling points and talking points.

The Digital Roadmap

With our help, you can start to map out your short term quick wins against a long-term digital plan. Tackling both strategic needs alongside tactical opportunities, we take an inclusive approach to defining the overarching needs of the organisation, and the resource requirements needed to get there.

We take a straight-forward approach to scheduling a calendar of milestones and achievements that your team can use as a template and refer to again and again as your activities evolve. In working with you on this, careful consideration is given to setting realistic and achievable goals involving all levels of management in the process.