Whether you’re looking to thrash out that nearly ready strategy, look at how the latest trends in technology will transform your industry or look at how you perform against your competitors, our range of workshops will help you achieve big things.

We have an extensive range of approaches and topics so whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure to find a solution that meets your needs perfectly. Our solutions include three different ways in which you can learn and engage, this includes:

    • In-House Workshops
    • Walkshops
    • Webinars & Live Events

You can also commission us to run your industry’s leading digital tourism event, however you’ll have to head over to our Events section for that. Here is what you can expect by hiring us to run an interactive workshop for you.

Content delivered will provide first and foremost an educational introduction to each topic, outlining the key points that should be considered and an explanation of their implications when it comes to the overall competitiveness of a tourism business or destination online. The educational angle will always highlight implications when it comes to the awareness, image, reputation, and accessibility of the business for today’s digital travellers.
Highlighting leading examples as case studies in demonstrating the success that other destinations or businesses have had in keeping up with current trends and developments. Examples selected will be designed to inspire participants about the successes that can be achieved by applying some of the same learnings shared by our expert team in your own business or destination.
Acutely aware that digital marketing conferences often go ‘over the heads’ of those who need them most, the content of our workshops and webinars provide tangible recommendations which destinations and businesses will find they can easily incorporate into their current business planning, even with small or limited resources available. In each workshop the question of ‘how can learnings be put into place’ will be addressed to ensure participants walk away with concrete follow-up actions.
Workshops will pull together insights from a range of sources, including data excerpts from leading research on consumer behaviour as well as shared experiences from well established tourism businesses and newcomers to the industry alike. Insights may be shared in the form of references to existing data or short interviews to get a deeper insight as to how selected examples have embraced current digital trends in their own strategies.

In-House Workshops

Get fully interactive and invite the SE1 Media team to run a workshop with the key stakeholders responsible for your destination’s digital strategy. By running a workshop you will be able to strengthen and develop your ideas with the benefit of an external perspective allowing you to refine or challenge your existing activities or future plans.

Our signature workshop approach invites you to look at your activities from the view of the Changing Visitor Cycle, where our market, consumer and industry insight lends itself to thrashing out ideas and considering the impact of future trends. Workshops are fully participative, offering a creative and strategic environment where your own strategy can be discussed in detail.

Our experience of working with hundreds of destinations has led us to develop an innovative new Digital Transformation & Leadership Workshop. It is designed for your CEO, your Marketing Director, your Digital Executives, in fact your entire team.

This workshop is designed to challenge your entire perception of digital and your organisation’s attitude to embracing the transformative shifts brought about by the always connected traveller.

Get your entire team behind the shift and find out how what we can do for you.

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Discover what a digital strategy workshop can do for your organisation. If you’re about to embark on a new digital journey, find yourself mid-strategising and need an external perspective to get you on the right track of if you’d like us to develop your digital strategy and recognise the value of workshops, we can help.

Our digital strategy workshops take a focused approach, working with you and your team to tackle:

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Our team of dedicated research analysts constantly monitor the digital landscape in order to spot the newest developments and rising trends in the digital tourism domain. With a rapid pace of change in the travel sector, managers and key decision makers must harness the opportunities of digital technologies in order to meet consumers’ changing demands and needs.

With this workshop, we’ll help you to understand changing approaches to destination marketing.

    • Understand where the industry is moving in the short and mid-term.
    • Recognise critical opportunities based on technological innovation.
    • Obtain in-depth insights in order to generate strategic competitive advantage

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Industry Workshops

Events are part of our DNA, indeed the Digital Tourism Think Tank was founded upon the highly successful Digital Tourism Innovation Campus (#DTIC), which has succeeded as the most important digital event for Europe’s tourism industry. We are are deeply passionate about the power of events for communicating leadership in a given field.

We believe that by creating the tourism industry’s best innovation events, we’re able to deliver educate and inspire thousands and connect people at a very real level. If you trust us with your ideas, we’ll turn them into something that is value-driven and tangible that will leave a legacy for the future of your industry. If you want to show leadership in digital, we’ll ensure you lead and inspire.

Bring your industry a truly innovative platform to exchange and collaborate on new trends and innovations. We’ve developed a range of cutting-edge solutions which can be deployed ‘out-of-the-box’, aimed to help you show leadership in digital.

Tackle tomorrow’s challenges together, whether you’re figuring out mobile, understanding the changing behaviour of your visitors, tackling new markets or developing the next smart destination.

Find out what we can do for you:

Learn more about our solutions helping you to demonstrate leadership, here.

Our online events are truly cutting edge, bringing live tv style broadcasting for you and your industry to engage with. With our dedicated studio facilities, we work to your brief to shape an exciting online event programme, with studio discussion, interviews and viewer interaction.

Discover more about our live events here.

Satisfying the growing needs of hyper-connected and tech savvy travellers through great mobile user experiences has become critical, but more challenging than it might seem. At its core, a unique and memorable mobile experience requires that we understand who our customers are and what they need.

What better way to help your stakeholders understand the shifting digital landscape they work in than going out and experiencing it for themselves?

We have two signature workshops:

Discover these and more about our walkshops here.