SE1 Media and the Digital Tourism Think Tank, the leading thought leadership platform for the tourism industry on digital an innovation, are holding open applications for Associate Consultants to join the team.

As an Associate Consultant, you will bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge in a specialised field and work at a strategic level with clients from across the tourism industry. Your unique perspective and industry knowledge will serve in helping them get to grips with transformative shifts in technology and consumer behaviour, helping them to, plan strategically and innovate in order to remain relevant and competitive as brands.

Once enrolled as an Associate, you’ll be invited to take a lead role in consulting on prestigious accounts and always at an international level. Working with the breadth of actors in the tourism industry, you’ll have the opportunity to work with everything from National and City Tourism Organisations and European Institutions to Airlines, Hoteliers and Tour Operators. Whether your background is commercial or institutional, broad or highly specialised, we invite you to enrol today.

Here are just some of the specialisms we’re looking for:

    • Digital Strategy
    • Social Media and Community Strategies
    • Mobile Strategy
    • User Experience Design
    • Netnography
    • Global trend analysis
    • Place branding
    • Performance auditing
    • Benchmarking & Competitor Analysis
    • Consumer research
    • Desk research
    • Change management

When selected for an assignment, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and expertise to projects, providing critical input at strategic level. Assignments depend largely on the customer’s needs, however are Associates are often brought in because of their own professional backgrounds and experience working on similar projects. Associates will always start-out working with SE1 Media’s Executive Team, however for long-term assignments Associates may be placed to work in-house with clients too.

As an Associate, you will be expected to develop the most appropriate research methodologies relevant to each project’s needs and required outcomes, identifying methods for undertaking quantative and qualitative research, project stages, timeframes as well as technologies and skills required.

Methodology: Defining at concept stage the correct methodology behind the approach taken in recommending the appropriate research practice, project planning and timeframe with which to conduct the work.

Desk research: Identifying and using the most appropriate statistical resources from publicly available data and using this to identify indicators in order to draw thoroughly thought through conclusions, extrapolate future trends and support arguments for strategic recommendations.

Qualitative research: Identifying and using the most appropriate formats and instruments through which to conduct consumer and industry based qualitative research to obtain clear and balanced representative views in order to support strategic recommendations.

Consulting: Undertaking a consultative role, meeting with the SE1 Media team and clients to discuss their opportunities and challenges and to work in partnership with them to identify the most appropriate solutions for their needs. Regularly consulting the wider industry to gain broader insight to support the operational and strategic challenges and benchmarks set by key stakeholders.

Strategy Development: Channeling the above knowledge and insight into a clear set of strategic recommendations for clients. Preparing and drafting new marketing and communications strategies which clients will use and adopt throughout their respective organisations.

As an Associate Consultant for SE1 Media, you will also be expected to demonstrate:

Ability to set and adhere to strict deadlines and consistently deliver and outstanding standard of work as expected by clients.
Show initiative in your approach to research, finding appropriate avenues to obtaining data or information required to conduct in-depth research or support arguments being presented.

With the work being research and report focused you must demonstrate impeccable written English and the ability to deliver comprehensive reports in British English using the appropriate written style depending on the reader.

Industry Experience – Demonstrate a profound understanding of the tourism industry and the daily functioning of a tourism organisation in terms of their overall strategic and marketing objectives as well as a good knowledge of other areas of the tourism industry.

Marketing Experience – Clear understanding of the principles of marketing and the components and steps to be considered in creating a strong and successful marketing strategy, as well as an awareness of how this might differer in tourism.

Digital Marketing and Technology – Associates must be passionate about new technology and an advocate of how organisations can and should continue to evolve and reform marketing strategies to respond to the changing environment.

Presentation Skills – Great research deserves a great presentation, Associates must be confident and excited at the prospect of presenting work to clients and justifying statements and predictions made supported with examples and case studies.

Ongoing Interest – Remain ‘in-the-loop’ about new reports, data sources and research, building relationships with leading research houses to showcase and deliver new opportunities to the European tourism industry.

Versatility – Versatility to adapt your work to the needs of the project or client, such as switching from an extensive piece of competitive research on behalf of a client to writing a two-page fact sheet for the Digital Tourism Think Tank.

Organisational Skills – Be naturally well organised, able to managed multiple projects, tasks and deadlines and report to management on their progress at regular intervals.

    • In addition to the above, Associate Consultants must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Minimum of 5 years working experience in a Management, Marketing, Strategy or Travel & Tourism role
    • Provide a reference to at least three projects which demonstrate your expertise
    • Knowledge of the tourism industry and a clear understanding of the visitor buying cycle
    • Experience of working internationally or on international assignments
    • Confidence speaking publicly and in a client facing role
    • Highest level of academic achievement with a minimum of a Masters degree
    • Experience of working in a business oriented environment
    • Currently available for work

If you think that your knowledge and experience meet our requirements, then we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete the application form below to begin the process and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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Working for SE1 Media

A career with SE1 Media comes with exciting benefits which will help reward your hard work, develop your professional skills further and recognise your hard work within the company. Here are just a few of the added benefits you can expect:

    • Extensive travel
    • 2 x company away days
    • Creative ‘studio’ environment
    • Performance based career structure
    • Generous consultant holiday allowance
    • Professional development
    • Empowerment to lead

Life in the Garden of England

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SE1 Media is based in Ashford, in the heart of Kent. Ashford is connected by rail to London in 37 mins, Lille in 57 minutes, Brussels in 1hr 53 and Paris in just over 2 hours. We also have high-speed connections taking you directly to and from Lyon, Avignon and Marseille all year round at dazzling speed.


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